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Avalanche®-Everyday Transfection Reagent

Catalog Number:EZT-EVDY-1

As the simplified version of our most popular and powerful Avalanche®-Omni Transfection Reagent (Avalanche®-Omni), Avalanche®-Everyday Transfection Reagent (Avalanche®-Everyday) has the basic formulation of Avalanche®-Omni, thus is also an exceptionally powerful and versatile next-generation DNA and siRNA broad spectrum transfection reagent. Avalanche®-Everyday's transfection efficiency is very close to that of Avalanche®-Omni, whereas the price of Avalanche®-Everyday is only 1/3 that of Lipofectamine® 2000 (L2K). In addition, Avalanche®-Everyday is able to do 3000 x 24-well transfections/1.5 ml as compared to 750-1000 x 24-well transfections/1.5 ml for L2K.


  • Broad Spectrum DNA/siRNA delivery - one transfection reagent and protocol for a variety of cells.
  • Transfection efficiency is close to that of Avalanche®-Omni Transfection Reagent, but with much lower prices. Its price is only 1/3 that of L2K, and 1/3.4 that of Lipofectamine® 3000 (L3K).
  • In addition, It is able to do 3000 x 24-well transfections/1.5 ml as compared to 750-1000 x 24-well transfections/1.5 ml for L2K
  • Very low Cellular Toxicity because of its bio-degradability after endocytosis. Maintain cell density, reduce experimental biases.
  • Same simple protocol as that of Omni: Does not require removal of serum or culture medium and does not require washing or changing of medium after introducing the reagent/DNA complex.
  • High levels of recombinant protein production
  • Ideal for high-throughput work
  • A must-have transfection reagent for everyday use on commonly used cells
Figure 1. The performance of Avalanche®-Everyday Transfection Reagent (Avalanche®-Everyday) is very close to that of Avalanche®-Omni Transfection Reagent (Avalanche®-Omni). Cell line tested here are: HEK-293 (Human embryonic kidney cell line), U251 (Human glioblastoma cell), LOX-IMVI (Human melanoma cell), hiPS (Human induced pluripotent cell), and Hep G2 (Human hepatocellular carcinoma cell). The cells were transfected with enhanced green fluorescent protein (eGFP) expressing vector by using Avalanche®-Omni, Avalanche®-Everyday, and L2K. Regarding to hiPS cells, after transfection, hiPS cells were fixed with PFA, and stained with OCT-4 antibody (red) and DAPI (Blue). The pictures, which were the overlay of eGFP (green), Oct-4 (red), and DAPI (blue), showed that while all of the hiPS kept their pluripotency after transfection, Avalanche®-Omni and Avalanche®-Everyday showed great eGFP expression.
Avalanche®-Everyday and Avalanche®-Omni are able to achieved more than 90% knockdown of endogenous gene expression in a variety of cell lines and primary cells.
Figure 2. Avalanche®-Everyday Transfection Reagent ("Everyday") and Avalanche®-Omni Transfection Reagent ("Omni") achieved more than 90% knockdown of endogenous gene expression. (2A). ROCK1 mRNA levels were quantified using qPCR in Hela cells transfected with Target-specific siRNA duplexes (10nM) for human ROCK1 gene or non-silencing siRNA by using "Omni", "Everyday", and Lipofectamine® 2000 ("L2K"). Data were normalized against the 18S rRNA signal. Control Samples were either mock-transected or untreated. Values are normalized to untreated sample. Data are means”ĄSD (n=3). (B) Actin stress fibers were stained with FITC-labelled phalloidin on the cells in (A) cultured on fibronectin-coated micropattern. Confocal Microscope revealed that the cells transfected with ROCK1 siRNA showed disrupted stress fiber pattern as compared to the cells transfected with non-silencing siRNA using the same transfection reagent "Omni". The use of "Everyday" showed similar disrupted stress fiber pattern as that of "Omni", while the use of "L2K" only showed slightly disrupted stress fiber pattern. Lipofectamine® is a trademark of Life Technologies Corporation. Avalanche® is a trademark of EZ Biosystems™ LLC
      Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.
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