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HER2 / ErbB2 / CD340 (Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor-2), Human
Catalog Number: EZC-HE2-H1
Synonym: ERBB2, CD340, HER-2, HER-2/neu, HER2, MLN19, NEU, NGL, TKR1, ERBB-2, MLN-19, TKR-1, Epidermal-growth-factor-Receptor-2
Source: Recombinant human HER2/ErbB2 (rhHER2) Met1-Thr652 (Accession # AAA75493) was produced in human HEK293 cells.
Molecular Characterization: rhHER2 contains C-terminal polyhistidine tag and has a calculated MW of 72.4 kDa. The predicted N-terminal is Thr23. As a result of glycosylation, DTT-reduced protein migrates as 90-110 kDa polypeptide in SDS-PAGE.
Purity: >95% as determined by SDS-PAGE. All lots are greater than 95% pure.
Biological Activity: Measured by its ability to block anti-ErbB2 mediated inhibition of SK-BR-3 Human breast carcinoma cell proliferation. The ED50 for this effect is typically 20-80 ng/mL in the presence of 0.6 g/mL goat anti-hErbB2.
Endotoxin: Less than 1.0 EU per 1 g of the rhHER2 by the LAL method.
Formulation: Bulk protein in a 0.22 m filtered solution of PBS, pH 7.4 and delivered as liquid formulation or lyophilized powder.Normally 5-8% trehalose and mannitol are added as protectants before lyophilization.
Storage: Store at -20? in lyophilized state after receipt. For long term storage, upon reconstitution rhHER2 should be aliquot and store at -20? or -80?. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
Background: Human Epidermal growth factor Receptor 2 (HER2),also called ERBB2, HER-2,HER-2/neu, NEU, NGL,TKR1 and c-erb B2,and is a protein giving higher aggressiveness in breast cancers. It is a member of the ErbB protein family, more commonly known as the epidermal growth factor receptor family. HER2 is a cell membrane surface-bound receptor tyrosine kinase and is normally involved in the signal transduction pathways leading to cell growth and differentiation.(1) HER2 is thought to be an orphan receptor, with none of the EGF family of ligands able to activate it. Approximately 30% of breast cancers have an amplification of the HER2 gene or overexpression of its protein product. Overexpression of this receptor in breast cancer is associated with increased disease recurrence and worse prognosis. HER2 appears to play roles in development, cancer,communication at the neuromuscular junction andregulation of cell growth and differentiation .(2-6).
      Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.
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(1) Kanai, Y. et. al. (1995) Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun.208:1067. (2) Codony-Seeervat, J. et al., 1999, Cancer Res. 59: 1196-1201. (3) Tzahar, E. et al., 1998, Biochim. Biophys. Acta. 1377: 25-37. (4) Kermit, L. et al, 1999, J. Biol. Chem. 274: 5263-5266. (5) Hellyer, N.J. et. al. (2001) J. Biol. Chem. 276:42153. (6) Daly, R.J. (1999) Growth Factors 16:255.
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