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Custom-EZ™ PCR Arrays

EZ Biosystems' EZ™ PCR Arrays can be customized to contain a panel of genes tailored to your specific research interests.                                                              

The following are wht you can expect from Custom-EZ™ PCR Array Services:

  • Reliable results: We are professionals with PhDs and over 10 years of PCR Array experience
  • The fastest turnaround time and most cost-effective solution:
    • Our EZ™ PCR Primer Sets were experimentally tested and verified qRT-PCR primer sets for every gene in the human, mouse, rat, rhesus macaque, fruit fly, dog, pig, Zebrafish, rabbit, and Chinese hamster ovary cell genome. These qPCR primer sets are ready-to-use for gene-by-gene expression analysis, microarray data validation, biomarker discovery and siRNA knock-down verification.
    • Our high-quality primer design technologies enable us to acquire new primer sets for any genes of your interest, and add them to your PCR Array. All the primer sets ensure the amplificaton of different gene-specific products simultaneously under uniform cycling conditions.
  • One stop solution: from samples to publication-ready results.

Our Custom-EZ™ PCR Array Services provide one stop solution. What you need to do is just providing the RNA samples, tissues (or cell pellets) (Please provide your samples according to: Instructions for PCR Array Sample Preparation), and the list of your target genes (our experienced scientists would like to provide suggestions on choosing the specific genes for your specific purposes). We will finish the rest and give you the publication-ready results. Need more information about our Custom-EZ™ PCR Array Services?  Contact us via email:, or call: 800-614-6133 (Toll Free); Need a quote for your PCR Array experiment? Click the following button:

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