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Bacterial Protein Expression System is the most common and economical mean of protein expression available today. However, two major problems often prevent researchers from accessing the system's full advantages. One problem is that the protein of interest cannot always be expressed using the specific vector/strain combination. The other problem is the occasional insolubility of the proteins expressed in bacterial system
Over the years, EZ Biosystems has developed our proprietary technologies to tackle hard-to-express and hard-to-dissolve proteins. EZ Biosystems utilizes E.coli Expression System as the cost-effective solution for production of proteins that do not require glycosylation modifications using in-house developed expression vector and fermentation medium.  With our proprietary codon optimization tools, and highly effective expression and purification platform, greater than 5mg purified recombinant protein is guaranteed at cost of less than $2000.00.
 * Risk-free trial for clients who just send DNA sequences to us, we'll take care of the rest.

Overlaped timeline: 2-3 weeks

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