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EZ™ PCR Array Services:

EZ Biosystems is actively engaged in the research and development of PCR Array-based gene expression analysis through its numerous partnerships and R&D networks with other biotechnology companies and university laboratories. EZ Biosystems' EZ PCR Array Technologies are able to analyze over 100 biological pathways or specific disease states in human and other animals in a fast, reliable, and economical way. The technologies can be used on basic research on signaling pathways and biomarker discovery, as well as clinical research on cancers, auto-immune diseases, heart diseases, and many other types of diseases. In its joint programs with third parties, EZ Biosystems has been at the leading forefront of gene expression studies.

EZ PCR Array technologies are based on our EZ PCR Primer Sets which were experimentally tested and verified qRT-PCR primer sets for every gene in human, mouse, rat, rhesus macaque, fruit fly, dog, pig, Zebrafish, rabbit, and Chinese hamster ovary cell genome. These qPCR primer sets are ready-to-use for gene-by-gene expression analysis, microarray data validation, bio-marker discovery and siRNA knock-down verification. In addition to that, our high-quality primer design technologies enable us to acquire new primer sets for any genes, and add them to PCR Arrays. All the primer sets ensure the amplificaton of different gene-specific products simultaneously under uniform cycling conditions.

With EZ PCR Array technologies, EZ Biosysems is providing one stop solution for your gene expression analysis: from sample preparation to publication-ready results. Leveraging the expertise and state-of-the-art instruments, the scientists at EZ Biosystems conduct pathway-focused gene expression analysis yielding reliable results for researchers in academic, government and industrial settings.

EZ Biosystems provides 2 types of EZ PCR Services:


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