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What scientists are saying about Avalanche® Transfection Reagents?

Human lymphocyte high efficiency transfection:
"Thanks again for bringing to our lab an efficient transfection reagent that worked on our difficult to transfect BJAB cell line. Results showed Avalanche® reagent to be 10X more efficient than lipofectamine and DharmaFect. We finally have the conditions to work with this cell line by using the Avalanche® Transfection Reagent"
-------A Fernandez, Ph.D. NIH

"It worked like a charm."
Mouse cementoblast OCCm-30 cells. Control plasmid, YFP-N1 plasmid
Avalanche®: 80-90%; Lipofectsamine 2000: 5-10%,
"There was slight toxicity, but it worked like a charm."

------ N Bhattacharyya, Ph.D. NIH

Higher efficiency than Nucleofection:
LA-N-2 neuroblastoma, Ptracer-SV40 (GFP)
Avalanche®: 35% at optimal ratio (1.5 ul/2.5 ul DNA in a six well plate); Nucleofection: 31%  

-------C Kaneski, Ph.D, NIH/NINDS

"Ease of use"
"I must say I like this system (Avalanche®), especially its ease of use and the fact that I do not need to change the media anytime after transfection."
--------E Udho, Ph.D (NIH/NINDS)

Great on primary Neuron transfection:
" I tested Avalanche® on primary cortical neurons and it worked much better than any other transfection reagents I've ever tried."
-------A Caputo, PhD, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

"The readings were so high that most wells had overflow readings"
"I got huge transfection efficiency (on using Avalanche®)!
I am using HEKs for BRET ( like FRET but with Renilla as the donor molecule) assays and I am reading Renilla substrate and GFP excitation using a Biotek plate reader. The readings were so high that most wells had overflow readings. I was doing the same assay with Fugene transfected HEK cells an none of the wells were even close to overflow. This means that not just by looking at the microscope but even by a more precise reading at the plate reader your reagent is much superior. So now I have to scale down the amount of plasmids I transfect in HEKs because reagent is just too good!"

-------E Pinceti, PhD, Loyola University Chicago

Huge differences:
Tet---On Inducible NSC34 Cells, shRNA rescue by transfecting RNAi Resistant cDNA cloned into an expression vector.
EGFP control plasmid, Avalanche® efficiency 50---60%, Lipofectamine 2000/Less Than 10%, Lipofectamine 3000/Less Than 10%

-------C Peter, Assistant Professor, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

C2C12 cells showed big differences between avalanche® and Lipofectamine 2000

--------C Rhodes, Ph.D.  NIH/NIDCR


EZ Biosystems™ encourage and welcome feedbacks from scientists in both academia and industry on how to continue to meet the needs and expectations of the life science community.


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