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Who we are

EZ Biosystems™ is a worldwide provider of transfection and gene expression products & services. Our facility is located near the University of Maryland College Park campus at:

8400 Baltimore Avenue
College Park, MD 20740-2496

Simpler, Faster, and Easier are EZ Biosystems' promises to scientists in the life science research community.

Next-Generation Transfection Reagents  

One of the major focuses of EZ Biosystems™ has been the research, development, and manufacture of next-generation transfection reagents ---- the Avalanche® Transfection Reagent series by applying our expertise in combinatorial chemistry, molecular biology, and cell biology. Here are some facts about EZ Biosystems on transfection reagent development:

  • EZ Biosystems™ has the most comprehensive R&D team dedicated to the development of cell type-specific transfection reagents. The team is constituted of scientists from a variety of disciplines such as combinatorial chemistry, lipid chemistry, biophysics, molecular biology, and cell biology.
  • Largest effort spent on designing, producing, and screening over thousands of new and existing molecules by using High Throughput Technologies (HTT) for candidate components used in our next-generation transfection reagent formulations.
  • EZ Biosystems™ has created the world's largest pool of cell type-specific transfection reagents.  Around 150 Avalanche® Cell Type-specific Transfection Reagents have been created for the most efficient transfection on the most commonly used cell lines and primary cells.

Avalanche® Transfection Reagent series includes:



Recombinat Proteins

As the transfection and gene expression expert, EZ Biosystems is also actively engaged in the research and development as well as the production of recombinant proteins/monoclonal antibodies, through its numerous partnerships and R&D networks with other biotechnology companies and university laboratories. Our core technology platforms of recombinant proteins focus on mammalian cell culture based process development and protein production. In our joint programs with third parties, EZ Biosystems has been acting as a specialist in the field of recombinant protein R&D and production. You can easily find the recombinant protein that you need Here.

EZ Biosystems is committed to offering the highest level of customer service and technical support. To help you succeed, our knowledgeable scientists and technical staff are available to provide excellent first-hand technical support and advice in person, via email, or by phone.
We encourage and welcome feedback from scientists in both academia and industry, so that we may continue to meet the needs and expectations of the life sciences community.

Note: Lipofectamine® is a trademark of Life Technologies Corporation. Avalanche® is a trademark of EZ Biosystems LLC



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